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How To Avoid Line Marks
How To Avoid Line Marks When Hanging Out Your Washing

Use Mega Pegs To Eliminate Line Marks From Clothes

What Are Line Marks?

Most people hang their washing out by folding part of the garment over the line and then using the peg to hold it there. This causes the clothing to have a line mark or crease where it was folded. In many cases the pegs will also leave indentations or marks on the clothes.

While line marks are not a major issue, it is one more thing which needs to be ironed out of the clothing and, depending on the fabric, this adds extra effort and time to your ironing - time that you probably prefer to use doing something else.

Avoid Line Marks

If you are using Megapegs, avoiding line marks is simple. Instead of folding the washing over the line, place the peg on the line and then slide the edge of the garment up into the fork of the peg until it is held in place securely (see illustration).

How to hang clothes to avoid line marksThe illustration is a side on view of the peg. You can see how the peg sits on the line and holds the garment (shown in orange). It is not necessary for the article to be folded over, or even be in contact with, the clothes line. Because the Mega Peg has been designed to have a relatively large smooth contact area, it is also less likely that you will get peg marks on your clothes.

The nett result is that you spend less time ironing - which means more time for you.