Are you, your family and your pets thriving? DOes the prospect of growing older excite you with the promise of remaining strong, youthful and vital whilst pursuing more passion, joy and fulfillment?  

Science is discovering that slowing down the rate of ageing begins on a cellular level and that the way in which we age is directly determined by the state of our immune system. It is what we choose to put into our bodies that either builds them up or prematurely breaks them down. And it is the thoughts we think htat have the ability to do the same.

In this book you will:

  • Learn how cellular malnutrition and toxicity dramatically weaken our immune system and are at the root of premature ageing and the rising epidemics of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental illness and early hormonal decline.
  • Learn how to replace ineffective, outdated approaches to wellness, relating and ageing with a new paradigm that can take you to more evolved levels in ther relationship with yourself, other people, your kids =, your pets and our planet
  • Discover how natural hormones can re-invigorate your looks and creativity.

Heal your body and turn back the clock with over 100 delicious raw and living food recipes! No meat, no dairy, no grains and no cooking! Packed with minerals, phyto-nutrients, and oxygen-rich chlorophyll.

Introducing these recipes into the family menu creates a foundation to build lasting health, wellness and beauty for life! 

The Rawjuvenate For Life Principles - by Katya

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