Mega Clothes Pegs 


We believe these are the world's best clothes lines pegs!  These Mega Clothes Pegs will not fade, rust or split; in fact, they come with a 5 year guarantee!

Save money by ordering  the larger pack sizes. 

Mega Pegs are ergonomically designed, easy grip clothes pegs.

Megapegs will not split, snap, rust, rot or fade!

These are the "Rolls Royce" of laundry pegs!

Line marks and clothes peg marks can be avoided as their super grip can hold clothing without folding it over the line.

The large size of the Mega Peg makes it easy to grip so it is ideal for arthritis sufferers or the elderly to use.

Mega Peg’s super strong and ergonomic design withstands all weather conditions.

Mega Pegs are UV stabilized so they will not deteriorate in the harsh sunlight.

Mega Pegs come with a Lifetime guarantee


See how to use Mega Pegs to avoid line marks on your clothes.

Megapegs 96 pack


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