Rachel Tomkinson is a qualified nurse, personal trainer, fitness instructor and massage therapist and a mother of two beautiful girls. This journey is about her youngest daughter, Jenna, who developed severe eczema and had 24 food allergies.

The book is the result of 4 years of personal research. To achieve better health, Rachel had to go out of her comfort zone and investigate another side that had never been taught to her. She used to think that she was doing everything right: eating healthy, breastfeeding, keeping fit, etc, but they were often sick. Now, with a non-conventional approach, she can say they are truly healthy.

Her message is to become informed as knowledge is power.

If you use artificial sweeteners you need to read this book.

If you use soy products, including soy milk you need to read this book.

If you have any allergies you need to read this book.

Jenna's Journey: How I cured My Baby's Eczema - by Rachel Tomkinson

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