Regardless of quality, all clothing and furnishings naturally attract lint, dust, hair and dandruff. Your Jeeves SUPER Jumbo Lint Roller is ready to lift lint residue and all sorts of unflattering objects in a single roll quickly and easily. 

Unlike ordinary Lint Rollers, Jeeves Lint Rollers have unique adhesive ridges which hold more Lint and deliver you superior cleaning performance.

Jeeves Lint Rollers are the first to have longer lasting Jumbo 20 metre rolls and have more adhesive power to handle any job. 

For large surface areas, Furnishings, Flooring, Carpet & Clothing. 

Big and strong to handle any job quickly, effectively and easily.


  • Jumbo 20 Metre Roll (130 Sheets) = Up to 8 Times Longer Than Other Rolls

  • Industrial Strength Adhesive for Superior Cleaning Performance

  • Super Sized 16cm Wide Roller

  • Reusable Comfy Handle with Easy Glide Roller

  • Dry Edges for Easy Peeling

  • Antibacterial, Removes Contaminants & Reduces Allergens

  • Approx Size: 7cm x 21cm x 30cm

Jeeves SUPER Jumbo Lint Roller

SKU: FCC-4312

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