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Part 1 - Curing Cancer looks at tradiotional cancer treatments and where they fail. It shows how the benefits of these treatments are exaggerated while the risks and issues are made light of or covered over. It will arm you with the knowledge you need to discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. 

Part 2 - Healing Cancer looks at healing cancer with dietary treatments and natural supplementation. Common misconceptions about cancer are explained. Featuring startling cancer research findings, and interviews with people who have reversed cancers using diet. 


The main chapter numbers and approximate length of each chapter are listed below. Chapters marked with asterisks (*) are recommended as essential viewing (total essential viewing - approximately 60 minutes). (Missing chapter numbers indicate minor chapter markers.)

Part 1 - Curing Cancer (1 hr)
01 Introduction (2 min) *
02 Losing the War on Cancer (16 min) *
03 Trick$ of the Trade (8 min) *
04 How to Fool Most of the People Most of the Time (10 min) *
05 The Cancer Industry (25 min)

Part 2 - Healing Cancer (1 hr)
10 Common Misperceptions About Cancer (age, environment, genetics) (10 min)
13 Healing Other Diseases (11 min)
15 Diet and Cancer Studies (5 min) *
16 The Protein-Cancer Connection (12 min) *
17 Individual Cancer Reversals (11 min)
18 Supplementation (5 min)
19 Attitude (5 min) *
20 Conclusion (2 min) *

Healing Cancer From Inside Out - DVD

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