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Zappy Care and Use
Zappy Care and Use


Following these simple steps will help you get the most out of your Zappies. 

  • As is the case with all cloth nappies, wash Zappy Nappies at least once before the first use to maximise absorbency.
  • Dark Colours should be washed separately.
  • Cold or warm wash only.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach. 
  • Fold the Velcro® on the waistband wings in on itself to help protect it from lint.
  • Peg the Zappy up by its absorbent pad as it will dry faster and take up less clothesline space.
  • Zappy Nappies are clothes dryer safe and fluff up nice and soft ready for use.
  • Don't dry them outside if the temperature is 0°Celsius
  • Zappy Overpants must be hand washed with mild soap in cold water and hung to dry out of direct sunlight.  Thes helps prolong the life of the special fabric.

Folding the Zappy Nappy

Folding a ZappyZappies are designed to make your life easier. Follow these easy steps to trouble-free nappy changing and a comfortable fit.


  1. Open the Zappy ready to change your baby and pull the inbuilt liner fully forward. Fold the extra length under to suit boy or girl.  A Zappy cotton  or waterproof backed liner can be added for extra absorbency.  Place baby on the Zappy and pull the front of the Zappy  up between the baby's legs to form a snug fit.

  2. Fold the right wing in and secure its Velcro® tab to the large Velcro strip on the front.
  3. Fold the left wing in on top of the right wing and secure it on the Velcro® tab.

  4. Fold the top frontal flap forward over the waist-band wings to hide the Velcro tabs from fiddling fingers.

  5. Cover the Zappy with a waterproof pant.

The Velcro® tabs are easily adjusted to suit your growing baby ensuring a comfortable and secure fit at all times. 

Zappy All-cotton regular and waterproof liners may be inserted under the built-in liner for increased absorbency - ideal for night time.