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Folding Zappies for Newborns
Zappies are designed to make life easier.  Follow these five steps for trouble free nappy changing and a comfortable fit every time.

Folding Zappies for Newborns

  1. Open the Zappy ready to change your baby. Fold the inbuilt liner under and in half.   Place the baby on the zappy and pull the front up between the legs to form a snug fit.

  2. Ensure the Velcro® is positioned just above the child's waist as this is not used for newborns.  Fold the right wing in to the centre.

  3. Fold the left wing in and secure to the Velcro on the right wing.

  4. Fold the frontal flap forward and down over the waistband wings.

  5. Tuck the excess in under the wings.

  6. Cover with a waterproof overpant.