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Mosquito Repellent

Good Riddance Mosquito Repellents

Why use Good Riddance products?

Our Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse provides natural long lasting protection against mosquitoes. midgies and sandflies for up to 4 hours without the use of DEET*!

The products were developed in tropical Darwin and tested in Kakadu.

The range includes:
  • a Tropical Strength mousse suitable for use on children 12 months and over,
  • a Baby Mousse for use on sensitive skins and babies 1 month and over,
  • a Soy Candle which contains the same oils as in the Tropical Strength mousse and burns for 40 hours, and
  • a Rescue Balm to stop the itch for those times you forgot to take your Good Riddance mosquito repellent with you.
Order now, smell great and have a mozzie-free day.

*DEET is a neuro-toxin linked to liver disease.

Mosquito Repellents

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