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Mosquito Repellent

Good Riddance Mosquito Repellents

Why use Good Riddance products?

Our Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse provides natural long lasting protection against mosquitoes. midgies and sandflies for up to 4 hours without the use of DEET*!

The products were developed in tropical Darwin and tested in Kakadu.

The range includes:
  • a Tropical Strength mousse suitable for use on children 12 months and over,
  • a Baby Mousse for use on sensitive skins and babies 1 month and over,
  • a Soy Candle which contains the same oils as in the Tropical Strength mousse and burns for 40 hours, and
  • a Rescue Balm to stop the itch for those times you forgot to take your Good Riddance mosquito repellent with you.
Order now, smell great and have a mozzie-free day.

*DEET is a neuro-toxin linked to liver disease.

Mosquito Repellents

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Rash Relief Body Powder - 90g (SKU: NWRRBP90)Rash Relief Body Powder - 90g (SKU: NWRRBP90)Rash Relief Body Powder - 90g

Designed to help with skin irritations such as heat rash, chaffing, nappy rash and foot odour. The powder’s Australian mineral clay absorbs excess moisture more effectively than talc. With added Zinc, Bicarb, Calendula, Allantoin and Essential Oils to help soothe skin and assist healing.
Rescue Balm - 5 ml (SKU: GRM-RESCUE)Rescue Balm - 5 ml (SKU: GRM-RESCUE)Rescue Balm - 5 ml

Have one of these on hand for the times when you forget to bring your mozzie repellent. This rescue balm stops the itch.
It contains clove oil which helps to numb the bite, anti-bacterial lavender and tea tree essential oils plus vitamin E to assist healing, rosemary essential oil to help relieve pain, and hemp and castor oils to reduce inflammation. This is a handly first aid stick to heal cuts, scrapes, burns and blisters.

It can be used on babies and pregnant women as it is a spot treatment.