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Breast Pads

Breast Feeding

It's perfectly natural for mothers to experience milk leakage when breastfeeding. You may leak for only 1 month or up to 12 months. Every woman is different.

Breast Pads are recommended to avoid wet clothing. Re-usable or washable breast pads are kinder on you and the environment.

Most women experience sensitive nipples for the first few weeks while becoming accustomed to breastfeeding. Warming your breast pads before use may help with pain relief.

If you experience nipple soreness, try a warm bath or hot shower. Of course, if soreness persists seek help from a breastfeeding counsellor.

Using Breast Pads

Nature's Child Breast Pads come in packs of 6, are made from certified organic cotton and come in a range of sizes.

The Light and Discreet size is ideal for light leakage
The Regular size is suitable for normal day time use
Use the Large size for E cup plus sizes and also for night sleeping.