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Manduca Baby Carriers
Manduca Baby Carriers

Manduca Baby Carrier in RedVoted “Best Buy” by Mother&Baby magazine when tested against other leading baby carriers and slings (April/May 2010)

The Manduca baby carrier has many advantages with a unique design which makes carrying your baby a pleasure - for you and your baby! The Manduca allows you to carry your baby in the position that best suits you whether that is:

  • in the front
  • on the back
  • on the hip
The Manduca is a Baby and child carrier.
  • It is suitable for newborns (using an upper seat which is part of each Manduca)
  • Usable for children up to four years old.
  • Safely carry a child up to 20 kg
The Manduca is comfortable for your child and features: The Manduca is comfortable for you:
• adjustable head and neck rest
• upholstered buckles against calves
• nickel-free zippers and snap-fasteners
• 100% cotton lining
• proper sitting posture
• extra large belts for hip and shoulder evenly spreading the weight
• sophisticated belt system allows you to suit the Manduca perfectly to your size
• the baby carrier only weighs 600 g
• organic cotton, extra soft and tough

The baby is carried in the "M" position* which is best for your baby's comfort and development.

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash at 30 degrees with mild detergent.
  • Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean.
*Baby’s knees are higher than their bottom – creating an M shape – orthopedically ideal. The M position corresponds to a baby’s natural position and helps their hips to mature as nature intended. The baby’s knees are pulled up, often as high as the tummy button. In this way, the baby’s legs and bottom form a capital “M”.